Help & Support (Error Codes)

This page is to help customers who are experiencing errors with their PS3’s (CFW Only). This can help you with errors such as signing in to PSN and loading games etc and more!

How to Fix error 8002A224

The video to the left is to help & show you how to sign into PlayStation network who are having error 8002A224!

If you are still experiencing this error after trying these steps you may want to consider purchasing a new console ID. However sometimes the error can be caused by a banned account or a banned console, please try creating a new account before purchasing a new console ID.

How to install CCAPI onto your PS3 & PC!

This video shows & helps people how to install CCAPI onto your PS3 & PC. The PS3 you purchase from us already has CCAPI pre-installed however you still need to install CCAPI on your PC. Once CCAPI is installed to your PC & PS3 you will be able to use RTM Tools.

Before Jailbreaking

Thoroughly Cleaned After Jailbreaking

How to fix error Error 80022D74 (Trophy Error)

This error can be seen when loading up games after installing mods or updates. This error isn’t common, there are multiple fixes online that we have found, we have tried these fixes but none off them seemed to work. We have finally found a Secure/Safe method for fixing this error which doesn’t require any additional files or downloads for your PS3. Other fixes may include files which could include malware or viruses which can infect or install malicious software onto your PS3 so please follow these quick and easy steps!

Firstly you want to quit the game once you have received the error and sign in. Once you have signed in head over to the PlayStation Network Tab and scroll down until you see trophy collection. While you are over Trophy Collection press triangle and a small side bar should appear. Then press sync with server and wait until it reaches 100%. Sometimes this can take a while depending on how many trophies you have on your account and the speed of your internet. Once your PS3 has synced the trophies with PlayStation network you are good to go! You now should be able to play the game you want without the “Trophy Error” (80022D74).

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If you still need help Contact Us for further support

If our videos or guides still don’t help resolve your issue or If you are still having any problems with your PS3 feel free to contact us with the contact form to the left.

You can also reach us through our Facebook Page or Instagram Page if you feel the need to do so. Please bear in mind we do have a lot of customers and are always busy. We may not reply within 2-6 Hours due to busy hours so please do be patient.


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