Genuine E3 Flasher (paper back edition) UK’s only Distributor for this device and with free delivery


We are the UK main distributor of the original E3 Flasher (E3 team)

Genuine E3 NOR FLASHER Paperback Edition Downgrade Tool For PS3
Full support of the original system if below 3.5V
E3 flasher is a special device to help you programme NOR flash data.
E3 flasher is also easy to be up-gradable from TF card and PC USB. It has 16M Nor flash memory on board, so you can save data on E3 flasher or TF card in few min, no need to connect to PC
E3 flasher has a special design for PS3, to allow user install and operation easier, with dual boot



Model: E3 Flasher
Quantity: 5pcs
Material: metal
E3 Flasher Host Size: 105 x 68 x 8mm


Package Included:
1 x E3 Flasher Host
1 x E3 Liner
1 x E3 Flasher Control Panel
1 x E3 Flasher Clip Cable
1 x E3 Flasher Host Metal Frame

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