Small Print

I believe honesty is the best policy – you can be assured that I will always provide you with the best possible service.

However, it’s important you read the ‘small print’ below before you use our downgrade service:

  • Previously opened consoles are not guaranteed against failure. (Customers own PS3)
  • If you send us a console that is not compatible, we will issue you a refund minus the shipping costs, plus a £15.00 service charge.
  • All consoles will be security tagged internally and externally for unauthorised access.
  • No warranty will be available for any problems arising from installing the CFW, and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer showing that you understand the terms and conditions. (Only applies to customers own PS3)
  • I will not be held responsible for any issues due to the console being banned, your IP address being blocked or PSN account being banned.
  • It is your responsibility to research Custom firmware PS3’s thoroughly before you commit to buy or downgrade your PS3 console.
  • We offer a private console ID with PSID, CID, IDPS unban console service for £20.00.